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Slow productions rates, poor product quality, and operator fatigue are common challenges facing most manufacturing operations. EPIC’s custom automated industrial machinery allows some or all elements of a manual fabrication process to be performed by a machine. By allowing machines to take over repetitive fabrication operations, a company can increase production rates, increase product quality, and decrease operator fatigue, among a multitude of other benefits.

EPIC machine builders can design, fabricate and automate your custom application. Common examples can include: Automated CNC routers, automated laser welding, cutting door panels for trim molding, fixtures for mounting wheel/tire assemble to vehicles, etc.

What do automated manufacturing machines do?

An automated manufacturing machine design uses a combination of pneumatic/electrical/hydraulic motion components (linear or rotary) to manipulate a tooling platform for the purposes of doing work to a component or components.

Types of automated industrial machinery:

  • Custom Automated Cutting Platforms: (move cutting instrument across work piece)
  • Custom Automated Tooling Platforms (move work piece across cutting instrument)
  • Custom Automated Gantry Tables (motion platform to mount tooling instruments)
  • Custom Automated Manufacturing Cells (use of robotics, fixtures, conveyors, etc.)
  • Assembly Line Manufacturing Aids
  • Automated Laser Welding Applications


 Automated Precision Laser Welding Application

EPIC designed and built a precision laser welding machine to help Titanova meet increased demand. The custom laser welding machine allowed Titanova to improve the process for high precision laser welds. This service was previously welded manually with different materials and techniques. Automating the welding process increased quality and repeat-ability for every part manufactured.

Key Engineering Features: Diode laser technology, automated indexing table assembly, custom positioning fixture, OEM quality enclosure, Allen Bradly PLC, integrated servo motors, non-contact enable switch, servo motor rotary actuator, pneumatic control cabinet

 Custom Machine Builder Provides Cost Savings for Production Line Down TimeAutomated Machinery for Production Plant

A Fortune 500 deodorant manufacturer contacted EPIC’s custom machine builders to engineer a solution to increase efficiency and product consistency. This custom fabrication machine joined two elements of a deodorant stick container together while priming the deodorant material for use.

Key Engineering Features: Intelligent stepper motor, multiple proximity sensors, binary inputs, indicator LED lights, UHMW fixture drawer, 120 V single phase power source


Custom Pneumatic Controlled Stone Slotting Fabrication Machine Increases Product Output

A company’s existing stone slotting machine was increasingly maintenance intensive. The manufacturing machine was negatively effecting production rates and expenses were escalating due to frequent replacement of components.  The EPIC machine builder team designed and fabricated a pneumatic self-contained, portable stone slotting system with improved maintenance measures and increased efficiency.

Key Engineering Features: Fully integrated pneumatic controls, full pressure safety relief valve, door safeties, adjustable fixture heads, self-contained water filtration system, adjustable hydraulic bleed down component

Click to view the full case study: Automated Manufacturing Machine Unlocks 40% Greater Production Efficiency…


EPIC’s custom machine builders help you design, manufacture and integrate automated manufacturing machines and automated industrial machinery that meet your unique need. EPIC believes we can help you “Make it Happen” by:

  • Utilizing Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development – making unknowns into proven systems
  • Establishing a single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project
  • Maintaining an open door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering
  • Imparting a transfer of knowledge (not just basic training) for the custom solutions we provide

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