Custom Machines

Custom Manufacturing Machines

Is your manufacturing operation lacking a machine that could save you money or improve your manufacturing process? EPIC Custom Machines designs, engineers and manufactures non-existent manufacturing machines that:

  • Eliminate repetitive movement injuries
  • Improve manufacturing throughput
  • Improve product consistency and quality

EPIC’s engineers have hands on in-plant experience and capabilities with existing machinery and know how to design custom solutions to seamlessly contribute to your manufacturing process.

Automated Manufacturing Machines

Automated Manufacturing MachinesAn automated manufacturing machine design uses a combination of pneumatic/electrical/hydraulic motion components (linear or rotary) to manipulate a tooling platform for the purposes of doing work to a component or components. Read more about the different types of automated manufacturing machines…

Automated Assembly Machines

Automated Assembly MachineHaving trouble finding a machine to assemble unique components? EPIC can design and build a custom automated assembly machine that meets your specific needs. You can learn more about the process and automated assembly machine options by clicking here…

Machine Design & Manufacturing

Machine Design & ManufacturingDo you have a machine concept that you want to move to the prototype or production stage? Whether you have a napkin drawing or a highly detailed machine spec, EPIC’s machine builder team can take your idea and make it work. Click to learn more and see examples of machine design and manufacturing projects…

Automated Jigs & Fixtures

Automated Jigs & FixturesOur engineers can help you increase the quality of your product through automated jigs and fixtures. Click to read about the multiple ways that we can improve your assembly process…

Custom Test Machines

Custom Test MachineIf you are having product quality issues, or you want to improve product quality. A custom test machine is the perfect solution. EPIC’s engineers will design and fabricate a custom machine that interacts with your specific product. Read more about our custom test machines and the testing opportunities they provide…

Special Purpose Machines

special purpose machines manufacturer

Is the machine you need one of a kind? Never been built before? EPIC is a special purpose machine manufacturer. We build machines that do not already exist. Our team designs, fabricates & assembles and ships your custom machine, all in-house. Learn more about how we can meet your need for specialty machinery. 

Custom Machines Case StudiesView Custom Machines Case Studies…

Find case studies about different project applications EPIC has completed and specific unit operations within each project.

Custom Machines BlogDoes your facility need custom machinery?

If you are looking to improve your manufacturing process, then custom machinery might be your answer. Click to read more...

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Are you ready to get started with your modular process project? Contact an engineer today (314) 845-0077. At EPIC you will be put in direct contact with a project engineer who will help you get started...

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