Design & Build Process

Step 5: Machine Fabrication

EPIC is unique in our parallel emphasis on engineering and fabrication. Many companies that have the engineering capabilities to develop your concept, but do not have the ability to fabricate the machine. As a custom machines manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our ability to take on the most complex fabrication challenges.

EPIC combines a talented engineering staff with a state of the art facility and team of skilled craftsmen.  Our in-house design engineers oversee your machine’s construction and collaborate throughout the process with our craftsmen.

The close relationship between EPIC’s machine designers and our craftsman achieves:

  • The highest level of quality – Rather than farming out fabrication to a company we have no control over, EPIC brings that responsibility in-house to ensure quality craftsmanship throughout the length of the project
  • Seamless communication between designers and craftsman to keep the project on time and on budget
  • The ability to react quickly to change

Machinery Fabrication Capabilities

  • Structural fabrication
  • Custom machining
  • Weldment manufacturingmachines manufacturer
    • Carbon / Alloy steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminum
  • Machine assembly
  • Motion component integration
  • Piping fabrication
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Electrical wiring per NFPA National Electric Code
  • Control panel fabrication
    • Controls wiring and installation
  • Instrumentation/controls
  • Painting/coating
    • Powdercoat
    • Anodize
    • Automotive-type finishes

All custom machines are fabricated and held to the highest standard of machine manufacturing companies. All custom machine are assembled according to strict FDA, ASME, and AWS standards along with any client-imposed specifications. The same groups of machines manufacturers and engineers who design your custom machine oversee the complete fabrication and machine testing. EPIC’s quality assurance manual provides comprehensive quality control during all phases of machine fabrication.

EPIC’s Quality Assurance Program for Machine Fabrication Covers:

Expert Engineering Meets Flawless Machine Fabrication

As a machines manufacturer, EPIC is proud to provide the unique combination of engineering expertise and flawless machine fabrication under one roof. Through the EPIC-Client Relationship, an open door policy remains for all clients at every stage of machine completion, including fabrication. We invite clients to visit EPIC at anytime to check on the quality and progress of a new manufacturing machine while in our fabrication plant. EPIC’s combination of engineering expertise and machine fabrication ensures that you receive the exact machine you need.

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