Design & Build Process

Step 3: Custom Machine Design

Benefits of Specialty Machinery Design by EPIC

Modifying the mechanics of an existing machine, or designing components of a new machine, require an experienced mechanical engineer with an intricate understanding of plant floor operations.

EPIC’s mechanical engineers apply the fundamentals of mechanical engineering to machine design. The result is a cost-effective, pragmatic solution that meets your specific objectives and allows you to prove viability.

We have extensive in-plant experience and utilize our talented mechanical design team to understand layout and integrate your machine with existing/future equipment or production lines.

To avoid surprises during the process, our machine builders:

  • Work collaboratively with our clients through detailed machine design
  • Encourage frequent client reviews and continual input during machine development in our sate-of-the-art fabrication facilityMachinery Design

As the machine manufacturers, we strongly encourage our clients’ involvement during detailed machine design because we know these collaborative efforts yield the highest level of satisfaction after final commissioning.

Mechanical Design Capabilities

During the machine design phase, the details of the machine are finalized. These items include:

  • Components selection
  • Component layout
  • 3D CAD machine model
  • Materials of construction selection
  • Engineering calculations for mechanical design
  • Complete Project Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Machine drawing package
  • Project build schedule

Project build schedule EPIC Custom Machines spotlights important details, such as: a unique safety plan, quality assurance checks and other important criteria to deliver the appropriate machine. During detailed machine design, precise methods for machine efficiency, safety, quality and appearance are finalized. All  custom machine projects include at least one design progress review with clients and a final design review.

Major Design Considerations

Mechanical machine design highlights the following important areas:

  • Operator interaction: Operator safety is paramount to the project and our machine designs incorporate multiple levels of safety planning
  • Maintenance and part replacement: EPIC’s mechanical designers arrange all parts and components conveniently for easy replacement if the need arises. We provide the proper diligence during mechanical machine design to ensure a robust, trouble-free machine
  • Order of operations & component specifications: Simplifying programming and operations through mechanical design is our specialty. We work closely with our automation and controls engineers to develop the optimal order of operation and component specifications. At the end of mechanical design, our programmers know exactly how the machine will operate, and how to properly control it
  • Long-term value: Placing emphasis on simplicity throughout mechanical design guarantees the workings of your machine are only as complex as they need to be to meet your long-term goals

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