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EPIC Custom Machines has experience with the unique needs of many different industries.  We design, engineer and fabricate custom machines, partly based on your specific industry.  See below for industry specific custom machine success stories. We’ve highlighted common industry specific issues that we’ve faced, giving examples of how we addressed the individual concerns to achieve client success. If your industry is not listed, or you need more specific information, please contact an EPIC custom machines expert today.

Custom Machines for Aerospace IndustryAerospace

Machines made for the aerospace industry are often concerned with weight, functionality and the ability to deal with changes in pressure. Machines must be flexible to deal with a variety of short run parts. We know the challenges faced by aerospace parts manufacturers, and we can help you address those concerns for you custom machine application. Pressure tests, drops tests and other FAT testing methods ensure your machine is prepared and up to regulation no matter the potential scenario. Contact an EPIC engineer today to start designing your custom aerospace machinery.

Selected Case Study: Custom System Allows aircraft to successfully fire missiles at higher flight speeds

Missiles released above Mach 1 speeds were unable to separate from fighter jets without destroying the aircraft. At speeds lower than Mach 1, enemy weaponry could locate and attack our fighter jets. The inability to launch missiles at high speeds put military personnel in danger.  To deploy weaponry at high speeds approaching Mach 2, our nation’s pilots needed a custom built solution from EPIC.

Custom Machines for Manufacturing IndustryManufacturing

As manufacturing processes become more automated, the need for advanced manufacturing machines increases. EPIC works in plants every day, helping to automate and integrate custom solutions. We deliver the fastest time-to-market, custom solutions, through our unique approach and cutting-edge machine fabrication facility.

Selected Case Study: Custom Pneumatic Controlled Stone Slotting Fabrication Machine Increases Product Output

A company’s existing stone slotting machine was increasingly maintenance intensive. The manufacturing machine was negatively effecting production rates and expenses were escalating due to frequent replacement of components.  EPIC designed and fabricated a pneumatic self-contained, portable stone slotting system that delivered improved maintenance measures and increased efficiency.

Military & Defense Custom MachineMilitary and Defense

From rugged, tough machines that are used in deployment to rapid development of prototypes, EPIC custom machines builds optimal solutions for our nation’s military. Working with various branches of the US military and defense contractors, we’ve helped develop everything from large, mobile fuel carts to specialized process equipment for domestic use.

Our experiences working with the government gives us an advantage when working through the purchasing process. Our state-of-the-art facility and secure network allows us to keep classified projects safe and confidential.

Selected Case Study: Custom Fuel Cart Supplied Fuel for Troops in Remote Locations

The US Military approached EPIC to design and engineer a modular fuel delivery system. This system had to survive rigorous physical testing to be cleared for use by our troops. The successful design and fabrication of a series of fuel carts by EPIC allowed the military to transport fuel across large stretches of arid land and keep the front lines supplied.

Pharma Industry Custom Machine


Compliance, validation and the elimination of error in the pharmaceutical industry drive the need for innovative automated machines. If your application requires a clean room or strict adherence to GMP, FDA and/or 21 CFR part 11, EPIC is the right partner. Every custom pharmaceutical machine developed by EPIC strictly adheres to all standards and guidelines and completes full validation before checkout.

Selected Case Study: Turnkey Medical Assembly Machine

Assembling a multi-part medical device without human intervention required a safe, compliant custom machine solution. EPIC designed, fabricated and automated the one-of-kind assembly machine, providing the manufacturer with a safer, faster solution.

Custom Machines for RecyclingRecycling

Increased interest in our environmental footprint and the ability to reclaim base raw materials from existing products has created a need for non-existent recycling machines. EPIC is a true partner when working with prototype machines, with the ability to roll out the production machines when the process is proven.

Selected Case Study: (Full Case Study Coming Soon)

EPIC Custom Machine Builder engineered and designed a custom solution to reclaim rubber form a tire tread without removing the metal from the tire belt. The machine removed the rubber so that reclaimed material could be easily introduced into a virgin rubber compound. Instead of tires taking up room in landfills, they can now be recycled back into useful rubber compounds.

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