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  1. How do I get started? – Contact an engineer! You can call us at 314-845-0077 or fill out our contact form. Either method, you will be directed to an engineer to discuss your project at hand.
  1. Do you accept NDA’s? – Absolutely, most often we prefer clients to send us an NDA. You can submit NDA’s through our contact form or call us to speak directly with a custom machines engineer: 314-845-0077.
  1. How big is EPIC’s facility? – Our main facility is 34,000 sq. ft. with an additional 20,000 sq. ft. at a remote location.
  1. What if I can’t find my industry or the service I am looking for on your website? – Contact us! EPIC’s engineers have knowledge and experience in numerous industries and services, not all of which are listed on our site…
  1. How experienced are your Custom Machines engineers? – Our Custom Machine Engineers average more than 25 years of experience in custom machine design and fabrication. Our Mechanical Engineers average over 20 years of manufacturing experience. We also have a group of Power and Controls Engineers who average over 22 years of automation and programming experience.
  1. How is EPIC Custom Machines different? – We can take your project from the development and design stage in-house. We complete through fabrication, integration, controls, installation and complete commissioning all in our fabrication plant. This gives us the experience and the knowledge that keeps your project on schedule and at budget. Click here to view our turnkey proces
  1. Can you build my machine? The short answer is yes. Where our custom machines group really adds value is when there are no machines that exists to accomplish your goals. If a machine already exists that can accomplish your manufacturing goals, it is hard for EPIC to be cost competitive. Have you researched to see if your machine already exists? Or if there is a company that makes similar machines? If not, we suggest your start there, then give us a call back for custom machinery solutions if you can’t find anything.
  1. How much does it cost? This varies greatly with the level of complexity of the application. For truly custom projects, we take a phased approach to engineering. This phased approach allows us to prove out unknowns or test specific functionalities your machine may require, and many times involves a full proof-of-concept effort. Our goal is to work with customers who see the value of a phased approach to prevent project overruns and subsequent change orders.
  1. How long does a custom machinery solution design/build take? Again, this varies with project complexity however a typical design/build varies between four to seven months. This does not include the time it takes to fully lock in a scope of work that precedes the design/build effort.
  1. What design platform do you work in? Our custom machines group almost always designs machines in SolidWorks. This 3D design software allows our engineers to streamline their design effort and lets them to test their design against simulated real-world conditions.
  1. Why should I choose EPIC Custom Machines for my project? EPIC Custom Machines has a unique ability to understand complex machine applications and provide both mechanical expertise and manufacturing experience. Your custom machinery solution will be designed and built in-house, with the same project manager delivering design and overseeing fabrication. This ensures quality and accuracy through the entirety of the project.
  1. How complete does my idea have to be before EPIC will get involved? EPIC can get involved at any point in the machine design process. Ideally, customers have already done preliminary proof-of-concept and have a solid understanding of their manufacturing objectives. If those are well defined, the portion of the project where scope is defined moves much faster. We have also completed successful projects where the customer comes to us with a napkin drawing and an idea. In this version, we must execute a longer front-end engineering process to fully scope out concept, before beginning machine design.

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