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servo motorsWhat are common components that develop your concept into a flawless machine? Our engineers have hands on experience with all critical components used for custom machine projects. We utilize custom machine components to manipulate, orientate, assemble and control parts, drive angular motion, create force and automate processes.

EPIC selects componentry that will easily and cost effectively integrate into your custom machine. Machine componentry can include:

Motion Control: Motors, Pneumatics, or Hydraulics that determine direction, speed and finesse of movement

Stepper motorStepper Motors: Divides a full rotation into an equal number of steps. The more steps in one full rotation of the stepper motor, the more precise the motor



servo motorsServo Motors: Consists of a motor coupled with a high resolution internal sensor to achieve position feedback. It allows for precise control of velocity, acceleration and angular position



ac dc motorsAC/DC Motors: Converts electrical into mechanical energy. These motors are effective at maintaining constant velocity and force.



pneumaticsPneumatic: Uses pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion



hydraulicsHydraulics: Uses fluid to accomplish simple mechanical work with an efficient means to create force. Applications that require a large amount of directional force are well suited for hydraulics.



microcontrollerMicrocontrollers: An integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable I/O peripherals



Automated System for Custom MachinePLC: A digital computer used for the automation and control of custom machines that have a need for a high level of automation and easy reconfiguration/addition of input, outputs, and control logic


Robotics: automated end effectors, articulating arms or pick and place components

pick and place robotPick and Place: Take product from one location to another at high speeds with exactitude. Pick and place robots are well suited to applications that require simple mechanical motion.



articulating arm robotArticulating Arm: Fitted with rotary joints to allow a full range of motion to manipulate parts in virtually any direction. Articulating arm robots can execute a greater range of mechanical motion.



End Effectors: Affixed to the motion platform for the purposes of interacting with the part that is being manipulated

Machine Platforms: The framework and tie-ins for all your machine components

Front End EngineeringStructural Platform: Consists of the main framework of the machine that contains the attachment points for individual components, sub-assemblies, and assemblies


Machine Design & ManufacturingEnclosure Design: Consists of the panels that close certain aspects of the machine. Generally used for safety purposes. Often removable for ease of maintenance


Additional Components: Electrical components or other parts integral to machine operation

Electronics: Using electricity to create force via motors and actuators. Wiring, I/O, logic processor, e-stop buttons, operator interface and power supplies are common electronics found within custom machines

Pumps, Valves and Switches: Used to manipulate hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics. Start/stop switches, fluid pumps, Ethernet switches, etc.


EPIC has experience adding the best components for each application to make your machine into a complete system. We aren’t just a custom machine manufacturer, we are an integrator that utilizes the best and most efficient equipment to make your idea a reality. Contact a Custom Machines expert to get started on your machine today.

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