Custom Machine Capabilities

Machine Testing & Shipping

To ensure your custom machine works as intended upon plant arrival, EPIC Custom Machines performs a comprehensive testing and analysis program through our Quality Assurance department.

Our team tests all machine parts and components for correct functionality prior to final assembly. We conduct formal Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before shipment and invite clients to our facility for complete transparency during the testing process.Custom Machine Testing

Upon completion of a successful FAT, EPIC has all shipping approval documents prepared for full authorization of shipment and satisfaction of your new manufacturing machine.

EPIC’s Machine Testing Process Includes:

  • Sensor and transmitter calibration via NIST-traceable instruments
  • Machine run and operation verification
  • Final documentation of the tested machine


EPIC Custom Machines shares the EPIC-Vendor Relationship with trusted freight forwarders to guarantee the safe, timely arrival of your custom manufacturing machine. Traveling by air, land, or sea, EPIC has experience shipping machines of various shapes and sizes to locations all over the world.

We’re committed to working alongside manufacturers to leverage the benefits of offsite fabrication regardless of equipment sizes. All custom machines are blocked and crated to stay safe during unexpected rigors in the shipping process.

EPIC Takes Full Responsibility for All Aspects of Machine Shipment Including:

  • Custody transfer and movement through customs
  • Determining and coordinating the appropriate modes of transportation
  • Machine loading from shop to unloading for machine installation
  • Verification of carrier insurance documents
  • Additional coverage through EPIC’s insurance

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