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Machine Programming

Custom Machines Programming

Accurate programming, automation integration and controls design often determines the success of your custom machine. In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, products are expected to be produced promptly with the highest levels of machine precision. Machines utilizing EPIC’s custom machine programming, bring finished products to market quickly and accurately due to our programmers’ plant automation experience.

Our in-house programmers work with you to learn your manufacturing objectives and fully understand the mechanics of how the new machine must work. Programmed machines function in real time with or without operator interaction and contact with other machines. Our custom machine solutions are programmed with code that fits with your existing platforms and manufacturing processes.

Programming for Efficient Production

EPIC believes in clear communication between machines and operators. Our automation experts program user interface platforms at the skill level most appropriate for your in-plant operators. Documentation and training manuals are provided with your new machine so that plant and maintenance personnel as well as operators can effectively interact with the machine and its programming language.

Machine Programming Services

PLC Programming

PLC programming is one of the most flexible, cost-effective programming solutions for controlling intricate manufacturing systems. EPIC’s Custom Machines experts have extensive experience working with machine control systems and we provide specialized PLC programming services for new machines and existing manufacturing equipment.

EPIC Custom Machines collaborates with you to develop all necessary inputs, outputs and logic for your custom machining systems. Our knowledge of proper migration paths allows us to recommend the most efficient strategy for PLC implementation to meet your manufacturing goals.

We program on virtually all PLC platforms and custom machining systems to accommodate your brand preference to comply with existing plant standards. EPIC’s controls engineers are very familiar with all preferred PLC brands including:

  • Rockwell Automation – Allen-Bradley
  • ControlLogix
  • CompactLogix
  • PLC-1
  • PLC-5
  • SLC 500
  • MicroLogix
  • Wonderware
  • General Electric
  • Modicon
  • Mitsubishi

Logic Programming

EPIC’s engineers have extensive experience programming PLC ladder logic on even the most complex manufacturing equipment. Based upon your needs and programming preferences, EPIC’s controls engineers will bring the most accurate and efficient programming to your logic-based machinery.

All logic programming by EPIC is fully documented with abundant use of explanatory rung and subroutine descriptions. Consistent and thorough use of device descriptors is incorporated throughout to provide clear programming-related data throughout production

PC Based Programming

If your machinery requires PC-based programming, our engineers will work with your existing operating system to sustain the function of your machinery.

EPIC’s PC based programming incorporates:

  • Operator Interface Programming
  • Alarm Handling
  • Product Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Production Changeover
  • Machine Data Collection
  • Product Parameter Management 

Operator Interface Programming

The controls engineers at EPIC Custom Machines have extensive experience programming virtually all HMI platforms. From many years of in-plant experience, we understand that the most intuitive operator interface platforms take technical programming expertise as well as artistic discretion.

We approach operator interface programming in a simplistic manner to provide programming solutions that are no more complex than they need to be to meet your manufacturing goals.

A Simplistic Approach to Operator Interface Programming Means:

  • Graphics are kept simple
  • Color conventions are applied consistently
  • Alarm and alert indications are masked until conditions exist
  • Screen clutter is minimized

Our engineers know that operations often change from day to day. With EPIC’s approach to operator interface programming, we make sure that you can change and configure your machine’s own operational function to best meet your needs for any given day or length of time. Additionally, EPIC’s approach provides ease of configuration for your plant operators, allowing them to configure machines with or without the use of passwords based on your accessibility preferences.

Depending on hardware preferences, operator interface platforms can range from small LCD-based display units to full-function, PC-based  machine control systems that incorporate alarm handling, data logging, product inspection, quality assurance, production changeover, or product parameter management. At EPIC, we’ll work with you to program an operator interface platform that most efficiently meets your long-term manufacturing objectives.  

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