Custom Machine Capabilities


EPIC’s custom machine division stays up-to-date on machine engineering technologies to ensure a wide range of capabilities related to machine engineering services. See below for information on our custom machines design and fabrication capabilities.

Quotes & Prototypes for Custom Machinery

We provide detailed quotes for custom machines. In addition, we help some clients complete information discover or test approaches through prototyping. Services available include:

  • Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) quotes
    • +/- 50% quotes
    • Refined quotes of +/- 5-15%
  • Feasibility testing
  • Test stand development and data collection
  • Prototype design, fabrication and testing
  • Fixed bid quotations
  • Scope development
  • Project timeline development
  • Equipment lists

Physical Design Capabilities

EPIC’s mechanical engineers have extensive experience applying the fundamentals of mechanical engineering to design new machine mechanics or modify the mechanical design of existing machinery.

  • Machine design & layout
  • Components & custom industrial equipment selection
  • 3D CAD model
    • SolidWorks 2014
    • AutoCad Mechanical 2009
    • Navisworks 2010
  • Materials of construction selection
  • Engineering calculations for mechanical design:
    • Structural calculations
    • FEA calculations
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Safety mechanism design:
    • Mechanical guarding
    • E-stop access
    • Dead man control devices or light curtains
    • Part accessibility & machine ergonomics
  • Machine drawing package
  • Project build schedule

Electrical Design Capabilities

Our in-house electrical designers deliver, safe, properly classified electrical devices and wiring on all EPIC custom machines.  We often design machines that operate in NFPA hazardous-classified environments, sanitary plants, and many other unique situations. Our general electrical design capabilities include:

  • Proper grounded and purged electrical cabinets
  • Wiring, I/O, and controller design, installation and checkout
  • Explosion proof enclosures
  • Fuses
  • Circuit breaker protective devices
  • NEMA or IEC preferred motor starters
  • Devices
  • Fittings
  • Thorough documentation for all electrical devices

Component Selection

EPIC will  manage part procurement to  guarantee your project is seamless and stays on schedule. Using your knowledge of the operating environment and our machine design experience, we will help you select the following components and custom industrial equipment:

  • Automated jigs and fixtures
  • Assembly jigs
  • Cutting blades
  • Part orientation equipment
  • Machine vision integration
  • Rejection stations
  • Fixtures
  • Conveyors
  • Automation
  • Mechanization
  • Motion control/ platforms
  • Robotic arms
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Welding fixtures
  • Machining
  • Machine
  • Electrical

Automation Strategy Development

Our engineers work with you to understand your automation needs and determine the best fit for your application. They select power, controls and instrumentation devices that will work best with your project.

  • Automation scaling strategy
  • Logic platform selection
  • Control panel fabrication
  • Control system development & integration
  • Electrical design
  • Programming
  • Drafting services
  • MES & SCADA solutions
  • Plant floor IT solutions
  • Robotic work cells integration
  • Safety engineering
  • Machine Vision Systems integration
  • Robotics
  • Material Handling
  • Component Indexing

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Machine Programming

Programmed machines function in real time with or without operator interaction and contact with other machines. We program code that fits with your existing platforms and manufacturing processes on any of the following programming platforms:

Machine Data Collection

Data collection is key to staying on top of machine performance, tolerance specifications and production rates. We integrate custom machines into data collection platforms that help you measure results in real-time and head off problems before they arise. We can tie your machine data collection into:

  • QA Systems
  • MES or SAP systems
  • Relational databases including Oracle and SQL Servers
  • Upper-level reporting systems
  • Custom applications
  • Excel (PC Based Only)

Custom Machinery Fabrication Capabilities

EPIC’s expansive fabrication facility allows EPIC to complete for a wide range of custom machine sizes. Our fabrication plant handles every aspect of machine fabrication, control integration and assembly, including::

  • Structural fabrication
  • Weldment manufacturing
  • Machine assembly
  • Motion component integration
  • Piping fabrication
  • Sheet metal fabrication Dead man control devices
  • Electrical wiring per NFPA National Electric Code
  • Instrumentation/controls
  • Painting/coating

Machine Testing & Shipment

We ensure your machine arrives safe and ready for immediate installation. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is conducted in EPIC’s plant prior to final shipment of the machine. FAT testing covers:

  • Sensor and transmitter calibration via NIST-traceable instruments
  • Machine run and operation verification
  • Final documentation of the tested machine

During shipment, EPIC takes responsibility for:

  • Custody transfer and movement through customs
  • Determining and coordinating the appropriate modes of transportation
  • Machine loading from shop to unloading for machine installation
  • Verification of carrier insurance documents
  • Additional coverage through EPIC’s own insurance

Production Line Integration

Will your custom machine need to be installed as an additional piece of machinery on an existing production line? EPIC’s engineers specialize with integrating new manufacturing machines into plant production lines, covering:

  • Handshaking with other machinery
  • Control processor compatibility
  • Adjustments in power distribution
  • Modification to motor control centers
  • Changes to power distribution panels
  • Custom adaptation conditions
  • Successful startup and support
  • Deck height integration
  • Transition plates
  • Fully assembled equipment testing

Complete turnkey packaging line solutions

Plant Construction Management

EPIC Provides complete in-plant construction management including:

  • Coordination of all aspects of site installation
  • Oversight by an experienced construction management team
  • Surface area grounds work
  • Piping preparation and construction
  • Structural modifications

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