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Laser Manufacturing Machine

How to Choose Between Standard & Custom Manufacturing Machines

Changing, expanding or automating manufacturing leaves you with a tough choice. Should you purchase standardized manufacturing machines or develop a custom solution? Standard machines might be readily available, but can they be adapted easily to your process and remain efficient enough to meet your manufacturing goals? Custom machines can be tailored exactly to your application, […]

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Custom Laser Welding Machines

Did Someone Say Laser Beam? | Custom Laser Welding Machine by EPIC

EPIC recently designed and engineered custom laser beam assemblies to be retrofitted to the heads of sharks. Just kidding, we didn’t, but it would have been awesome. Though we haven’t engineered a shark laser beam assembly, we have designed integrated and installed a custom laser welding machine. Let’s face it. Lasers are cool no matter […]

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Automated industrial machinery

How Custom Automated Industrial Machinery Comes to Life

When a machine does not exist – where do you start? What is the process? How do you bring an idea to reality? How does custom automated industrial machinery come to life? Automated Machinery Design from EPIC Systems, Incorporated It all starts with a CONCEPT, in this phase of the project our engineers: Evaluate the […]

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Smart Machinery Design Gives You the Power to do More

Custom machines are specifically manufactured for each facility that they are being integrated into. The first question to be answered is: why do you need a custom machine? EPIC  will help you design and build a pragmatic custom machine that meets those goals, using our 20+ year of machinery design and manufacturing experience. How do […]

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Custom Machine Builders – The “Make it Happen” Guys

What is a “custom machine builder”? Is it a machine designer? An engineer? An automation engineer? A fabricator? – The short answer: Yes. Custom machine builders take your napkin drawing through completion. No matter where you are in your project development, our custom machine builders can add value by applying the best mechanical principals to […]

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Custom Machinery | Does your facility need it?

Does your manufacturing process have room for improvement? If the answer to that question is YES, then custom machinery might just be the answer. The phrase “custom machinery” can mean many things across almost all manufacturing backgrounds. EPIC’s engineers define it as any system that does not currently exist, that accomplishes a manufacturing goal. Goals […]

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Custom Equipment Design Engineers… “Those Guys”

Do you know one of those people?… You know who I am talking about, those people who are “mechanically gifted”. The kind of people who pick up a flooded weed eater (that you have failed to start for the last half hour) make a few adjustments, and fire it up on the first pull. The […]

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10 Traits of a Custom Machine Engineer

Many people have great ideas, few take the necessary steps to put them into action. What if the person with the great idea doesn’t have the resources to make it a reality?? Should they just give up on their idea?  No! They should find a prototype machine developer to help make it a reality. Experienced […]

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