EPIC Custom Machine Design

EPIC Custom Machines develops and builds highly specialized or non-existent prototype and production machines from concept. We add value with our experience & knowledge of machinery design, machinery fabrication, automation and mechanical engineering.

We don’t build standard machines. We are experts at taking your concept or machine prototype and proving viability in our state-of-the-art fabrication plant. Our expertise as custom machine builders begins at the design phase. We partner with you to find improved design efficiencies or potential issues and demonstrate your machine’s feasibility to investors.

After completing the machinery fabrication, we  then fully test all custom machines & prototypes before installation and continue to support you after check-out and training are complete. To begin a machine building partnership with a focus on long-term value, contact EPIC Custom Machines today.

Custom Manufacturing Machines

custom-machine-typesAs a custom machinery builder, EPIC has expertise with many different types of custom machines. Our expert machine builders will help you develop custom solutions from machinery design to fabrication that meets your needs and budget. Popular machine we build include:

Custom Machine Design & Fabrication

Machine DesignLooking for a one-stop solution? An EPIC project manager can take your machine from concept through fabrication and installation. Each machine we build begins as your idea, and we carefully take it through a proprietary step-by-step process to create a successful custom machine complete on time and on budget.

Machine Components

Machine ComponentsNot sure how to bring your machine together? EPIC selects componentry that will easily and cost effectively assemble into a complete machine solution. We are well-versed in selection of machine components to: manipulate, orientate, assemble & control parts, drive angular motion, create force and automate process.

Our Capabilities

Custom Machine CapabilitiesFrom mechanical machinery design to component selection, automation & electrical design, EPIC has the capabilities necessary to complete your value-added custom machine successfully. Our engineers provide complete machinery fabrication services, integrate a custom machine onto an existing production lines and can manage your site construction if the project calls for it.

Industries Served

Custom Machines IndustriesBased on your specific industry and need, EPIC designs and builds a custom solution for you. We work across a wide variety of industries. Visit our industries page to see highlighted industries, or contact an engineer today to discuss your specific application

Benefits of Working with EPIC

Why work with EPICWhy choose EPIC over the competition?Unlike other industrial machinery companies, EPIC utilizes a turnkey machinery design/build process that reduces lead time & increases efficiency. We guarantee you project will be completed on time and on budget.

Learn more about the ways EPIC can benefit you & your custom machine project…

Custom Machine Case Studies

Modular Process Case StudiesLooking for examples of advanced machine and engineering or machinery design and fabrication? View our case studies to read about select applications we have worked with. If you don’t see a case study similar to your application, contact an engineer to find past work that matches your needs.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials“The professionalism displayed on every level from engineer to consultant to teammate was some of the best we have experienced while being in this industry (over 20 years).” – Vice President at Engineering and Equipment Co. 

Product Priming Machine


Pneumatic Stone Slotter


Automated Drum Filling


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